Defend the rights of children in out-of-home care

The Foster Care Justice Alliance is a charitable, non-profit, volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to defend the rights of children in out of home care. Our mission is encapsulated in two concepts:

Advocate for Change
Intervene for the Child

Advocate for Change is our mission in the macro. We advocate to change society, change attitudes, and change the laws regarding our children. We will achieve this by bringing together the voices of those most closely touched by foster care - the foster children themselves, their parents, and their guardians. Together will raise awareness and focus attention on solutions to the dilemma of children languishing in foster care.

Intervene for the Child is our mission in the micro. Whenever we believe an individual child's rights are being violated, we will intervene by providing support and legal assistance to foster families. Pivotal to this is the creation of a network of attorneys, legal resources, and a legal aid fund.

1. Advocate for Change in law and society

2. Intervene for the Child when a child's rights are violated


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