We seek to build the Jesse Bemley Scholarship Fund to reward high-performing students in BDPA's HSCC program

All funds collected by this Cause will go to the Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship Fund (http://www.betf.org/scholarships/jesse-bemley.shtml)

Dr. Jesse Bemley, a former National BDPA Education Chairperson, developed the High School Computer competition (HSCC) program in 1986.

Dr. Bemley noted the large number of minority students who had little or no computer literacy skills. With the ever-growing need to possess basic computer skills in the current job market, Dr. Bemley realized that in the future, individuals without these skills would be left with no employment opportunities.

Dr. Bemley has worked since the early 1980s to get students, especially from high school, involved in national and international computing and engineering conferences, meetings, conferences, symposia, etc both in the US and abroad. He has written numerous articles on computer topics.

The purpose of this scholarship fund program is to serve as the vehicle for the BDPA organization to increase the interest of minority youth in IT and to help facilitate the emergence of minorities into the industry.

1. We seek to increase the interest of African American youth in information technology.

2. Seventy percent fewer students have majored in computer science since 2000 according to Computing Research Association data.

3. Our students will be less successful in future without computing or STEM skills

4. The Jesse Bemley Scholarship goes to the top high school student teams competing in the annual HSCC event.

5. Our small donations can have a huge impact when spent wisely in efforts to advance careers of our youth 'from classroom to the boardroom'.

The next step is yours.  What say u?

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