We seek to bridge the ‘digital divide’ of both parents and students alike, and to positively impact the growth and contribution of minority professionals in the fields of science and technology.

Earl Pace and David Wimberly founded BDPA in 1976 as a local association. Within three years, the founders grew BDPA into a national organization with chapters in Philadelphia, Washington DC and Cleveland. Today, there are 50 chapters throughout the United States.

Your donation to this Cause go directly to our SITES Endowment Fund.

One part of the BDPA legacy is our Student Information Technology & Scholarship (SITES) program. This is a program that enriches the educational opportunities for our students in an after-school program of technology training with a focus on low-and moderate-income communities.

The SITES program is an intellectually challenging program that builds self-esteem through the mastery of applied computer science. We create a foundation for academic and career success. SITES trains our youth to use technology as a vehicle to learn skills and concepts beyond the technology itself. In essence it bridges the gap between long-term educational approach of the classroom and short-term skills experience of the workplace.

We understand today’s demands on your charitable contributions, and we understand the time necessary to consider each Facebook Cause. We appreciate your time and thank you for your consideration of our Cause.  

Here are five reasons to donate to this BDPA Cause:

  1. BDPA Foundation funding focus is our Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) Program; K-12 youth education programs.
  2. Our small donations can have a huge impact when spent wisely in efforts to advance careers of our youth 'from classroom to the boardroom'.
  3. BDPA recognizes that to close the gap of computer and technology literacy, minority youth must participate and compete in today’s digital economy.
  4. BDPA teaches advanced computer science and community responsibility to students from historically disadvantaged communities.
  5. BDPA creates a foundation for academic and career success. 

You can make your donation directly through this CAUSE *or* you can make a secure online donation and designate it for the chapter of your choice.

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