Our Mission is to R.A.S.E for Invisible Diseases, especially Chronic Pain & RSD/CRPS!! "R.A.S.E" stands for: Research, Awareness, Support & Educate!! We want to do this with Physicians,ER staff & others re: Invisible Diseases including: All forms of Chronic Pain & *especially The Horrible Burning Fire of RSD/CRPS & To Help Find A Cure! Please support this "Cause" as it is different from other groups. This group is supporting the Non-Profit org., RSDHOPE.ORG and it was started by Keith Orsini who has full body RSD and has had for many years. He started this program to educate, support and help all people with RSD/CRPS. Today Keith has Moved to another geological area for help with his RSD/CRPS. Some members of his family have taken over to continue with this cause...Please, please help support this cause. We need your Support, donations & word of mouth to keep it going! We truly need to get the "word" out & help Find a cure for Invisible Diseases such as Chronic Pain & RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)!! ... Lastly, I am trying to reach the public awareness of this horrible, painful, burning & sometimes invisible debilitating disease that many people have, (including me). Again it is called "RSD/CRPS". I would like to educate physicians, ER's & all people about this sometimes forgotten & sometimes "invisible" Neurological disease of "burning" pain. We want to get everyone involved in finding a cure for RSD with its unrelenting pain. As mentioned above,RSD/CRPS is the highest form of chronic pain on the "McGill pain scale". It's up there with amputation (w/o anesthesia) & cancer pain. It is a mostly constant, burning nerve type of pain. Many medications have been found not to be very helpful with this type of pain. So far the choices have been: a few neurological Meds, Opiods,the SCS (spinal cord stimulator)and Intrathecal Morphine Pain Pumps. We just NEED YOUR HELP via Donations to this wonderful & helpful non-profit organization etc. to Get the word out and Help Us to Find A CURE! Thank you so much!! 1. Please visit www.rsdhope.org for more information re: RSD/CRPS & How YOU Can Help!

2. RSD/CRPS is the highest form of Chronic Pain on the McGill pain scale. With reguards to all Forms of Chronic Pain it is up there next to Cancer!

3. One goal is to let people know that not all diseases, including those involving chronic pain, are visible. There are many that are unseen, but not for lack of being "unfelt"!

4. Please visit: WWW.RSDHOPE.ORG for more information

5. We hope this Cause Will Help to not only Raise Awareness, Support & Education for RSD/CRPS & Other Forms of Chronic Pain; But Also We Hope For A Cure!!

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