Bringing healing and hope to a precious child

In November, 2008 I traveled to Sierra Leone to take part in a medical mission trip. During one of our clinics, I met a 12 year-old boy named Sorie, who was horribly burned after his mom sent him to buy kerosene for their oil lamp, inadvertently spilling it on his shirt. That evening, as he went to use the toilet, he held the lamp under his shirt so it wouldn't go out & the flames immediately consumed him. That was approximately in February of 2008.
We've paid for Sorie's transportation and travel documents and he is now in Ghana awaiting his next surgery. An organization called Interplast has agreed to cover the costs of the 7 surgeries Sorie will need over the next six months, but we're paying all the other expenses, and we need your help!

1. We believed that God will provide someone to help to heal this boy, and He has once again proved Himself faithful!

2. Sorie is in Ghana now, and has been scheduled for more surgeries in July and August.

3. We are committed to providing for housing, food and transportation for Sorie ans Catherine, his caretaker for the next 6 months, about $6,000 in all.

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