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    Darlene Arden is an award-winning writer and author and Certified Animal Behavior Consultant whose…Read More

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Darlene Arden
Darlene Arden Campaign leader

Behavior issues are the most common reason dogs die, far more so than any one disease. Resolving issues, we can save lives. Additionally,…Read More

Marcia Polimer Abrams Behavior Donor Advised Fund - AKC Canine Health Foundation

Support the Marcia Polimer Abrams Canine Behavior Studies Fund! Donate Now! Your contribution will be directed to the Marcia Polimer Abrams Canine Behavior Studies Donor Advised Fund at the AKC Canine Health Foundation to support research studies concerning canine behavior.  The Marcia Polimer Abrams Behavior Fund was established by Darlene Arden…Read More
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