March is Music in Our Schools Month.  A time to celebrate the incredible opportunities and life-changing experiences that school music programs provide to children.  Not everyone is celebrating because so many children across the country are losing out on opportunities to study music because of short-sighted budget cuts!  

You can help bring those programs back for underserved kids by doing one or two things today.

1.  Buy Glee's 500th song, "Shout".  20th Century Fox is donating 100% of the net proceeds to Give a Note Foundation.  A great song and a great cause.  You can make a difference for millions of kids with a $1.29 purchase.

2.  Make a $25 donation to Give a Note and receive this awesome limited edition t-shirt provided by our friends at Rivars!  

That's it. You get great music and and awesome t-shirt and you get to put music back in the lives of children.

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