Promote a holistic vision of sustainability that is broader than just Gizmo Green.

The Four Foundations of Sustainable Places:

1) Nourishing places are those where you can look out onto the fields or onto the waters from which much of your food comes. Nourishing places do not have to worry about their food security.

2) Accessible places allow you to get around in several ways, not just by driving. In particular, they are walkable and bikeable, because no matter what the cost of fuel, self-propelled transport will always be available.

3) Serviceable places are those where you can walk to get your basic needs. And serviceable places are those who are serving you those basic services can afford to live nearby, too.

4) Secure places are those where you need not live under undue fear. The fostering of community is one of the greatest tools for creating secure places today.

The Four Foundations of Sustainable Buildings:

1) If a building cannot be loved, it will not last. The carbon footprint of a building is meaningless once its parts have been recycled or carted off to the landfill.

2) If a building is not durable, it will not endure. Our ancestors once built for the ages, whereas architecture schools today teach students to build for the length of the mortgage, which is an absurd proposition.

3) If a building is lovable and durable enough to last for centuries, then it must be flexible enough to be used for purposes that we cannot even imagine today.

4) Once a building accomplishes the other three foundations of sustainable buildings, then it must be frugal because it does not matter how lovable it is if it is an energy hog. Frugal buildings conserve materials and energy, both during construction and use, and they are good stewards of the nature, air, and water around us, and also protect our own wellness.

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1. Originally (before the Thermostat Age) what was built had no choice but to be green. The Original Green grows from things that make sense today.

2. We must first build sustainable places before it is meaningful to even discuss sustainable buildings.

3. Sustainable places should be nourishing, accessible, serviceable, and secure.

4. Sustainable buildings should be lovable, durable, flexible, and frugal.

5. Real sustainability is far more than Gizmo Green, which is just better machines and materials. Details of these positions at

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