Thanks To People Like Darlene!

  • Update #4

We want to update you by sharing that people like Darlene have been supporting our work in Africa over the past 10 years by her Fair Trade shopping in the World Village Fair Trade Market (which supports orphan programs) and by her donations. She is just one…Read More

Once Is Not Enough

  • Update #3

We began our fundraising campaign last month with the hopes of raising much needed funds for our grassroots programs in Kenya and Zambia. Once is not enough to ask when it comes to feeding hundreds of orphans and trying to place them in schools with all they…Read More

What We Do, We Do For Christ

  • Update #2

We began our campaign in June 2013 to raise needed funds for our orphan programs in Kenya and Zambia but didn't see much support. We know there are a lot of causes out there that call for your help and we realize you can't give to them all. It's also…Read More