Since 2003 our programs in Kenya, Zambia and India provide food for an entire family, along with supporting the financial needs of an education for the children. These are the needs for which we are seeking your support:

Zambia is $35; Kenya is $25; India is $20.  Your gift today will enable us to feed the 25 families we support in Zambia; 300 orphans in Kenya; and 30 orphans in India.

 $70 for a School Uniform, $30 Black Shoes; $10 for School Supply Pack

$180 for Food Rations per child for one year (maize, beans & cooking oil)

We invite you to partner with us in our all-volunteer organization so that we can end this statistic:  "30,000 children die everyday" from preventable or treatable diseases, hunger and malnutrition. 

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