The Laos Education Programs are designed to improve the quality of life in Navangtai Village and surrounding villages throughout multiple provinces in Laos by providing children with greater educational opportunities and stimulating sustainable economic opportunities for local villagers. With our efforts, we will also help to preserve the rich culture and traditions each of these villages hold.  Our goal is to give them the foundation and school resources to help them seek higher education and build life skills to become successful young adults in society. The key focus is to improve the quality of education in rural areas by providing a safe environment for children with a combination of constructing permanent classrooms, providing education programs, and providing continued teacher training. Our hope is to increase school enrollment and literacy rates within these populations.With our first project, The Ban Navangtai New School Project, we completed a new Kindergarten school that replaced the preexisting foundation – this school will serve as a model for future projects. Additional benefits these school projects will serve include continued education for generations to come, common meeting place for villagers, and an organized location for health and dental visits for the school children and the rest of the village population. It is our goal to expand these projects into the current province and other provinces within Laos to be able to provide similar hopes and dreams for other children and villagers who can also benefit from these programs.

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