In april, on april fools day 2010, my youngest son Tony hung himself. No note,no nothing. We didn't find my son until the next night. Tony was 23, and loved by everyone he met. I'd do anything to spend one more day with my youngest child and tell him how very important he is to us.

I remember as a child being suicidal. I felt lonely and very depressed. I was bullied and felt ugly. I had no one that would listen.…Read More

help prevent youth suicide

Please don't be scared to tell someone about your problems or what you are going through, as you see in the picture above we will only have…Read More

help prevent youth suicide

This campaign matters because all the people in this world matters! Whatever your circumstance is, you can get out of it. Don't let anyone make you think that the world would be better without you! It is better with you!

march 13 2011, I was seventeen. school was hell, everyone called me wolfchild and beat me up. was it my fault I was in foster care? was it my fault that I was in love with my girlfriend? now that im older I can see that it was not. my home, if you could call it that. I lived with a alcoholic…Read More

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