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Help Prevent Youth Suicide

Youth are stuck between childhood and adult and often don't want to let go but are keen to grow up and be like (perceived) happy and well adjusted peers. So many hormones and responsibilities and changes to figure out. Our climate. It is not a "way out", but many factors lead to depression. At a certain point, thoughts of and attempts at suicide are a reality. A REALITY. Those who have have not had serious suicidal/attempts at suicide, don't realize that this is a reality in the mindset at the time Many appear so normal, not even depressed but as we know, even best friends and family can be unaware. Some families are too proud to take their youth for help. Some families don't realize that the youth's negative behaviour are an appeal for positive support. Times of expected happiness. like Christmas, with family can be quite an emotional strain if you are attempting to blend in. I could go on.

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