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Vera Grazia

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Help Prevent Youth Suicide

This campaign matters to me because just two weeks ago I lost my older brother, Louis, to suicide. Because of how this has impacted me and others who were close to Louis, I want to dedicate a part of my life to those who are suffering from depression and think that they've run out of options. I want them to know that there are so many people out there who care and are willing to listen, and that things will get better for them. With 3 simple words – TALK TO ME – you can let someone know that you care and are willing to listen without judgment.

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Kenn Vásquez

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Help Prevent Youth Suicide

From personal experience, I know what it feels like to be in such a desperate place that the only obvious solution is suicide. By the grace of God, I never acted on my impulses - and since then, even prior to taking this pledge, I have made it clear that 'suicide is NOT an option', particularly amongst our youth. Bottom line - you need me - you call me - I will hold you close to me until you can stand again once more on your own .... and if you need to come back, come! I will do anything to prevent 'suicide' for anyone!

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Blank .

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Help Prevent Youth Suicide

In my community, we have lost youth to teen suicide. This is tragic and I can personally relate to the feeling these young men and women have felt when going through difficult times and feeling like there is no one to turn to. Won't you please take just a moment from your schedule to send this to 10 more people on your contact list like I did. It took me just a minute to write this and all I'm asking you to do is click the forward button. Thank you.

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