Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to sponsor a child living in one of the children's homes. These children have escaped a genocide, lost family members as a result of war or extreme poverty, and have no one to take care of them. You can change all that. Your donation…Read More

Aaron Blue
Aaron Blue Campaign leader

Everyone help The Charis Project by voting for Aaron Blue at:

The prize is $2000. This will go directly into The Charis Project

In August there was a trip to Thailand. A lot was accomplished.

The donations given by our firends were enough to help 40 refugee kids move from their remote location a 4 hour bus ride from the nearest hospital to a new district where they will be close to schools and hospitals. The best part is,…Read More

Would you like to win one of the nifty handmade Karen bags in the photos below?

Here is how.

First join our cause.

Second, invite all your friends to join too. Take the pledge.

Third, drop a comment on the wall telling us you invited all your friends to join our cause.

Your name will be…Read More