To rescue orphans and empower vibrant communities among the marginalized ethnic groups of Northern Thailand/Burma.

The Charis Project is creating a model for self sustaining orphanages through entrepreneurship. Through the implementation of socially responsible businesses run by the home, the home not only receives an income independent of donor support but the businesses that it runs provide needed services, products and employment to the surrounding community. The immediate need of children at risk is addressed, but also the long term need of the entire community for development and economic and social change. We marry development and aid in a way that is truly unique.

Our end goal is two fold. First, to have the throw away children that no one wants grow up in a safe and loving family that fosters an atmosphere of freedom and entrepreneurism and where they learn to run businesses, create jobs and become the economic leaders of their communities. Second, to transform these communities to the point that an orphanage is no longer needed.

We aim to stop the widespread trafficking of children for labor and the sex trade by taking care of those most likely to be trafficked and building up the communities where they come from so that they are no longer at risk.

We aim to provide training and support for indigenous community developers to effect positive changes to their villages.

We aim to help preserve and strengthen the cultures of the many hill tribes in northern Thailand through practical and ideological support.

The Charis Project is a not for profit 501-(c)3.

1. It is good to rescue orphans.

2. It is good to feed the hungry.

3. It is good to give what good you have to people who don't have any.

4. It is good to speak for those who have no voice.

5. It is good to use what power you have to lift up those who have none.

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