Night Night Packages already on the way to Oklahoma...

Project Night Night is here for children to provide comfort in trying times.  We are also here when Mother Nature strikes.  Project Night Night has boxes of night time comforts on the way to Moore, Oklahoma to children who lost everything in the recent tornado. 

Project Night Night distributed almost 1,000 Night Night Packages to children who lost everything in Superstorm Sandy.  When Hurricanes Irene and Ike landed, we fielded shelter calls from Texas to Vermont to aid the children in their care.  Seven years ago hundreds of children clung to our Night Night Packages as they dealt with the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. 

Through our work with Red Cross agencies, fire departments, shelters, and places of worship, we respond quickly and efficiently when Mother Nature fails us.

We also respond when emotional storms strike.  Throughout the year, we serve tens of thousands of homeless children who find themselves in shelters.  We are proud to provide high-quality items carefully tailored to reduce trauma and to provide access to educational materials.

 At Project Night Night we are always preparing for the next storm and will continue to offer our services whenever they are needed.  There are many unknowns for the rest of 2013, and we need to be ready for all of them.

Please join us in our efforts and help us restock our shelves so that we can stand at the ready.

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