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Stop Krispy Kreme from wasting donuts.

I strongly believe that we should not waste food. Krispy Kreme continues to throw away perfectly good donuts. Not cool.

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Jackelyn Ho
Jackelyn Ho Campaign leader

An in-depth story by a fellow believer.

The day when Krispy Kreme let hundreds of fresh donuts fall in the garbage can — Wrinkled Mommy™

Deb McCormick
I have debated writing about this story. But given the response I received from Krispy Kreme when I tried to tell them what their employees were doing, I decided they deserve it. I hate getting PR statements from Customer Service departments, don’t you? Especially when it is obvious no one took the time to read your complaint. So buckle your seat…Read More
Jackelyn Ho
Jackelyn Ho Campaign leader

Krispy Kreme throws away donuts and gets upset when people try to retrieve them from the dumpster. What kind of world are we living in?!

Men caught getting doughnuts from dumpster

Online Athens
The manager of the Krispy Kreme at 3703 Atlanta Highway called Athens-Clarke police Sunday morning to report that several people were retrieving doughnuts from the business’ dumpster. Police found one man in the dumpster and then another man along the roadway with doughnuts from the dumpster, according to an Athens-Clarke police report. The…Read More