Our vision is to see the local Church in Africa effectively caring for the dying, orphans and widows, and unified in this mission with the Church outside Africa.

Our mission is to, through relationship with the local Church in Africa, challenge, encourage, develop and support the ministry of servanthood among those in need in their community through the replication of our Community Intervention Model.

We believe in the biblical mandate to care for the dying, widows and orphans is not only for the Church in Africa, but also elsewhere, and Hands at Work will be a prophetic voice to the Churches outside Africa, challenging them to fulfill their mandate. 

 1. We are Christ-centered, community-based, committed to the poor and striving boldly to reach 100,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa.   2. We believe in a faith that compels us to love with our heart and with our HANDS.   3. Acting justly. Loving mercy. Giving freely.
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