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Something's Gotta Change

Malawi Travels

  • Update #18

Dear Friends, Thank you for your prayers as we traveled to Malawi.  Your commitment and prayers for us, is the greatest advantage we take with us.  As we arrived in Malawi we were so encouraged.  Twenty-eight men from thirty-three villages traveled to…Read More

God's gracious answer to prayer.

  • Update #17

Here in the west we can’t begin to appreciate the life of illness without doctors.  In Malawi the dependence on God for healing certainly is a testimony to a life of faith and giving praise to God where it is always due!  Here is a report from the Trio…Read More

Pigs for Pastors Program

  • Update #16

It is so special to share with you our first litter of piglets in our Pigs for Pastors program.  This is a long anticipated event though delayed in our timetable.  Please continue to pray (would you pause and pray just now) for the spiritual protection of…Read More

Ministry is on the Move!

  • Update #15

Thank you for your prayers!  I am so glad to report that Diamond is now well and that his wife Sabena is now home from the hospital and continuing to heal from her C-section.  At Januarys leader gathering the vision for the ministry was embraced for…Read More

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