predators,pedophiles,child molesters,bullies,abusers,and thugs,are the number 1 problem when it comes to child crimes.the protection should start at home,but most of the time all the pain and abuse starts their.its my sworn duty to act upon this and try to stop it.whether you stand with me or not…Read More

for the support to stop the killing of innocent kids,i thank all of you.also those who have fought so hard to stop the cruelty to animals.together we can make this a dream come true.

in this life time we depend on material things to make the world go takes money to make people move and get involved,i serve a purpose,and that purpose is to change something bad to good.

the future belongs to the kids,we have served our time by standing up for what we believe in.sacrificing life and lymb for those with out a voice,without sight,without heart and soul because of no where to turn.this is about togetherness.this si about saving our children,saving our animals.want you…Read More

you can,t find people who suffer from homelessness,drug addiction,alcoholism,abuse,bullying,by staying by the have to get out and meet the public,get involved,show that you care ,show that you understand and don,t judge,and that together we can make a change.together we can reach the…Read More

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