As a result of subsidies, more corn will be planted this year than ever, with 94 million acres under cultivation. This influx of planting is changing the countryside as farmers plow row after row of a single crop, eliminating land formerly protected by conservation programs and destroying the once rich soils of the Midwest. Unrelenting corn production has been linked to the recent mass die-off of bees, the depletion of South Dakota’s underground reservoirs and many other environmental ills.

Fortunately, the new Food and Farm Bill being drafted by Congress is our chance to push back. The bill would create stronger land conservation efforts to protect the natural richness of our wildlife, water and soil. An emphasis on local farming would even reduce the fuel costs and carbon emissions associated with trucking or flying corn around the world.

Together we can tell Congress to rethink our environmentally unfriendly food system in America. Sign the petition urging that Senators use the Food and Farm Bill to realign corn subsidies to support small, local farmers and implement stronger conservation efforts. Send a message loud and clear – we need our environment to produce food, so don’t let our food destroy the environment.

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