In a study led by the French National Institute of Agricultural Research, researchers glued special radio frequency tags to bees and then fed them low doses of neonicotinoid, a popular pesticide that is supposed to kill crop pests without harming the bees that pollinate them.

The research team discovered that the “intoxicated” bees were about twice as likely as unexposed bees to die because they couldn’t find their way home, causing their hive populations to collapse in a matter of weeks. It is now believed that the pesticide plays a supporting role in the “colony collapse disorder” that has been decimating the bee population since 2006.

This report is just one of several that have recently emerged confirming the irresponsible devastation of one of our most important resources. Bees are the life force behind most wildflower populations, which in turn nourish countless other species. On top of that, bees are responsible for $15 billion in the pollination of fruit and vegetable crops within the agriculture industry.

These studies should be raising red flags for the EPA, but it’s up to us to push for action now. We can’t wait for another generation of life-giving bees to be lost forever due to the slow machinations of bureaucracy. Sign the petition and tell the EPA to save bees and ultimately our agriculture industry, not the bottom lines of pesticide producers.

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