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signed, sealed and pushed into the delivery room.

Gov. Perry Signs Sweeping Abortion Restrictions

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed sweeping new abortion restrictions on Thursday that could shutter most of the clinics in the state. More than 100 Republican lawmakers attended the signing ceremony with a small band of protesters outside dressed in black and holding a sign that read, "Shame." The legislation had sparked weeks of…Read More
Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

and we're back! contraception war redux! #contraception #obamacare

House Republican Spending Bill Would Allow Employers To Opt Out Of Birth Control Coverage

The Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are reportedly including a so-called "conscience clause" in the government funding bill they plan to approve Saturday night. The measure would allow employers and insurers to opt out of providing health care services that they find morally or religiously objectionable. The addition reignites the debate over a…Read More
Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

"The researchers identified 76 family planning clinics that closed since 2011 because of lost state financing, and 45 percent of women…Read More

In State Records, Little Evidence to Back Stricter Abortion Regulations, by Becca Aaronson

Becca Aaronson
Enlarge photo by: Callie Richmond Hallways like this one at Whole Woman's Health will have to be widened as part of the new legislation for abortion clinics to become ASCs. This story is part of an occasional series on the effects of state policy on women's health services. Participate in our project by sharing your women's health story…Read More
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