Dear Friends,

The enormous 350 EARTH project ended this past weekend, and the pictures that have rolled in over the past ten days are absolutely amazing:

View the 350 eARTh Slideshow (

The final event took…Read More

Dear friends,

You probably know that we at are taking the next two weeks to focus on “350 EARTH (” -- a global art project visible from space. 

And you might have asked yourself: “why art? why space? why now?”

Here’s a quick story that can help answer those…Read More

Dear friends,

Every once in a while, it’s time to try something a little different.

After two years of global grassroots organizing, we're pulling out a big gun in the fight against global warming: art.

Next month’s UN Climate talks in Cancun promise more disappointment--politicians around the…Read More

Dear USA Friends--

Election night was clearly rough in lots of ways—plenty of anti-science candidates managed to win victories, and the political climate in Washington will likely be as hot and difficult as the weather outside around the world.

However, there’s good news too. California was the…Read More

Dear friends,
I’m still reeling from 10/10/10. 

It’s hard to believe it all really happened--that over 7,000 communities came together in 188 countries for an unprecedented day of unity, collaboration and grassroots climate action.

To me, it almost feels like a dream. Which is why it’s good to…Read More

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