Joan Farr
Joan Farr Campaign leader

42. That’s how many Mexican gray wolves are left in wild… in the entire world.

These wolves – found in the wild only in Arizona and New Mexico – face plenty of threats, including illegal killing by anti-wolf extremists. But now a Montana Congressman is taking aim at the life-saving protections…Read More

Joan Farr
Joan Farr Campaign leader

Happy New Year,to all our wonderful members.
Thank you all for bringing us new members,and for the donation you have given for the wolves,all greatfully recieved.
Lets all hope that 2011,brings us many new members,and donations for the welfare of the wolves,every small amount helps.
And let us all…Read More

Joan Farr
Joan Farr Campaign leader

I just want to thank all our members,for helping to bring new friends to us,and for the donations given to us.
Please continue to help the wolves,in any way you can.
Merry Christmas,to all our members,and wishing you a Happy new year to.
Much love.and many blessings,
From all at…Read More

Joan Farr
Joan Farr Campaign leader

Please read Urgent,the wolves need our help again !

Wolves of Scandinavia

Wolves of Scandinavia Welcome to our Wolf Information Page on Wolves of Scandinavia My name is Anne Holmberg and I am from Denmark. Wolves and their behavior have always fascinated me. I want to raise…Read More

Kimber Powell
Kimber Powell Campaign leader

I thought I would share my recent photos of the Wolf Gardens wolves with you.
These are the animals that we are fighting for. These are the animals that your donations and hard work go to help. We appreciate all that you do for the cause. We are still in need of donations to buy fencing and other…Read More

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