• Update #10

To All: HOT OFF THE PRESSES! PG and LL Way T-Shirts are now available!  **IMPORTANT**  Please be advised that proceeds help with the PG parties as well as GMHC. Therefore please support these efforts by purchasing authentic and not bootleg from someone…Read More

T-Shirt Update

  • Update #8

Official PG T-shirts will be now sold via Sun Jenn Facebook Page.  Please be advised that proceeds go to the maintaining of the annual reunion party along with a portion going to GMHC. Thanks again for your support and blessings to you all.

T-Shirt Update *Important*

  • Update #6

T-Shirt Update: For information regarding T-Shirt orders, please email all inquiries directly to [email protected] Please note that this is the absolute sole source for any T-Shirts. The proceeds from these sales benefit GMHC; and with that…Read More

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