Karl Chen

This campaign matters to me because as a young adult growing up in Brooklyn and being a DJ, I was mesmerized by Larry Levan's ability to control the crowd, move the crowd and provide emotional support to the crowd through music, its power and message. The Garage was a place where people from all…Read More

As the former light designer for the garage and having the privilege to work beside larry I could contest to all that everyone is saying about larry. He influenced people in many different ways. I saw it all first hand. Peter munoz.

My brother Arthur S. Storey Jr. co-arranged and played keyboards on the track "You don't know" by the house group Serious Intention
with the producer Paul Simpson. They performed at the Paradise
Garage in 1984 and D.J. Larry Levan rocked the house that with their follow up mixed track. He was all…Read More

co-name King Street NYC to Larry Levan Way

T shiht in 1995 at NY! I give to my son☺️

co-name King Street NYC to Larry Levan Way
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