David McGuire
David McGuire Campaign leader

Surfers and swimmers can make a choice to enter the water or not. Heedlessly targeting sharks- themselves unlikely responsible for any incidents is poor management of important species. Let the people choose to surf or swim in Reunion. Boycott visiting these islands until the cull is stopped.…Read More

This is not the way the story goes ..

The culling of sharks is extremely damaging to the ecosystem and is not the answer to any attacks. The answer to attacks is more shark sanctuaries, conservation & education on these intelligent creatures. No more sharks need to die, the finning industry does enough slaughtering.

Where i live there're no sharks but i know how much they are important to the ecosysteme same where there're no sharks ! Plus they are just so beautiful and a peace of perfection. Nature is perfection !

The ocean and beaches arw there home. If any animal or human feels threaten they will attack. We need sharks withought them the ocean will be to over populated. The ocean is there home lets not kill sharks it won't make anything, anyone better.

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