The Italian museums are visited every year by millions of visitors, especially foreigners, who come from all over the world to honor us with their visit often facing high costs and personal sacrifices. Many of the museums visited by tourists were once owned by a branch of my family, the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, then the story has now transmitted to the Government of Italy the property of the whole cultural heritage that my ancestors have bequeathed to the City Florence in 1737. Medici us to the present we no longer have control of the government of the State of Tuscany nor the properties of our ancient buildings which today have been transformed into a museum, but for the Medici family remained, however, the moral duty to protect and enhance, only through the personal commitment, all cultural works left to the world by our ancestors. So I created this petition to invite the Italian Minister of Culture to deal with more respect all the tourists who come to Italy, by avoiding to force and  to endure their patience with the terrible suffering caused by long queues to get into the museums made by my family.

The extension of the number of entries and emergency exits that I request the Minister of Culture to implement urgently, not only does not cost much, but would also bring a great relief to tourists!

Therefore, I ask citizens residing anywhere in the world their support to this campaign, because I am sure that their voice, unite with mine, will surely lead to the elimination of long lines for entry in Italian museums. Thank you for your support and wish you a happy holiday to all visitors who will come to Florence and Rome and will visit our ancient palaces and the Medici art collections.

Signed: Prince Ottaviano de 'Medici of Tuscany and of Ottajano

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