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Stop Iceland from killing whales - The Petition Site

Stop Iceland from killing whales 10,000 we've got signatures, help us get to 10,000 Every year in Iceland, thousands and thousands of critically endangered fin whales are killed for their meat, by an Icelandic whaling company, called Hvalur. Kristjan Loftsson, the big boss of Hvalur, exports this whale meat to Japan, where it is considered…Read More

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Humane Society International: The Dog Meat Trade

Much of the world views dogs as trusted companions or protectors, but in some parts of Asia they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption.  Humane Society International and our partners are working to end this cruelty. HSI is working with local organisations in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and China to…Read More

Tiger wine??? Really people how about using grapes!!!! Tigers Turned Into Wine As Shocking Chinese Cruelty Is Revealed Captive-bred…Read More

Stop The Grind In the Faroe Islands-End Whale Hunting
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