Fight to save the Dolphins

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Every winter, thousands of dolphins are confined and brutally killed in small towns across Japan. Fishermen often injure a few captives by spear thrust or knife slash to retain the group since dolphins never abandon injured family members. Dolphin meat are later marketed and often mislabeled as whale meat. Very Graphical.
“From October through April,

Every year in Japan, upwards of 20,000 thousand

dolphins, whales and porpoises are rounded up in their off-shore family

pods and driven towards shallow bays where the entire social unit is

butchered, including young calves.

Travelling in small motor

boats, Japanese fishermen locate and surround a pod of dolphins, and

using the sound of their engines and banging pipes under water, drive

the terrified marine mammals towards shallow water, where they are

stabbed and beaten using knives and other implements. Thousands more

are killed by hand-held harpoons farther out offshore. Due to the fact

that dolphins are not easy to control, and their anatomy prevents an

immediate kill, these drive fisheries are extremely cruel and bloody.


say that these drive fisheries are also not biologically sustainable,

the annual killing of approximately 20,000 dolphins and porpoises.

1. Japan must be stopped.

2. Dolphins have rights as much as human's do.

3. Dolphins are more use to us with the help of fighting to stop USA attacks.


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