Helping preserve and renew the environment of Mongolia.

Birch Grove Nature Preserve is an new initiative started by Edurelief in partnership with the Bugat soum goverment and Margad Deed Surguul of Erdenet City. The goal of this project is to teach local students and children about the importance of nature and forest protection and to promote community involvement in restoring at risk forest areas. The Bugat soum government has provide Edurelief with a large, at-risk piece of land just outside of Erdenet in an area which has been devastated by illegal logging, discarded garbage, and overgrazing. By using this project as an example, Edurelief aims to promote awareness of these issues to local students and community members and work together to preserve and restore damaged nature and forest areas near Erdenet, and around Mongolia.

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1. Mongolia's environment should be protected.

2. Working with students and local communities to preserve Mongolia for future generations.


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