There is a question we should be asking....why a few phone calls go this shelter back on the list of approved facilities. From an anonymous source:

The inspection reports are public knowledge. If a shelter fails for housekeeping violations or cage sizing violations, they should be removed from…Read More

There was eyewitness employees accounts of what happened here to Shep.Of course anyone that wanted to tell the truth is terminated.This kind of so shelter for these poor souls have to be exposed.It is our moral obligation to see through the lies and seek the truth.Evil always try to convince you it…Read More

Amandalisa Sostomi
Amandalisa Sostomi Campaign leader

spread the word and be a voice for Shep, who was senselessly killed.

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Shep is not the only one to be silenced by an injustice by this Humane Society.

Justice for animals is important too.

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