My name is Shep. The Lehigh Humane Society killed me on 8/25/13. I thought they were going to help me. I was just trying to find my family. I was scared and nervous. I just wanted to go home. .There were people reaching out, wanting to see me and wanting to help me, wanting to find out if I had a family, and if not, find a rescue to take me. Yet still, I was killed after only 2 DAYS because they said I was "vicious". I wasn't vicious though, they were able to scan me for a chip. SAYS Denise Mehring (to the manager of the shelter): "...Teisha, while I spent (endured) approx... ½ hour on the phone with you listening to you trying to rationalize the destruction and killing of this dog, with you trying to outline for me minute by minute events that transpired Friday alone. And when asked point blank – when did you kill him - you eluded that questions and replied…let you please explain…please hear you out. Please know that I don't not for 1 min believe that you did not get our calls on Sunday, but believe you did indeed actually receive them yet elected to KILL this dog anyhow. As I told you today, we were reaching out to you in efforts to understand what terms and conditions you would release him and to offer options for him – of course with us expecting no less than you agreeing that he go to "qualified hands". You stonewalled us and our efforts. We are not novices at this as you apparently are. Safe hands to us …was ; we had a certified K-9 Trainer/Handler - let me make that perfectly clear for you …A POLICE K-9 Handler/Trainer…on the ready to fly in to rescue/secure him. Yet you decided prior to speaking with any who were reaching out to you on behalf of this dog - that this dog was going to die. You can go back and check your phone records all you want…and you can try to justify this to yourself if you have to…but the bottom line in is you killed this dog when there were viable and safe alternatives for him. And quite frankly I personally do not believe that you waited until "Sunday Night" to Kill him. I would request that you please provide a COD, TOD, and who performed his Euth/Killing. SHAME ON YOU!!! This dog had viable and safe alternatives but you chose to kill him. Furthermore, you did little to nothing as "A NO-KILL" shelter to network on his behalf. Again – SHAME ON YOU!!!" 

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