Investing in Misión Child is investing in lives—to have the privilege of offering the most helpless human beings in society the opportunity of a dignified present and the hope of a promising future.

Become Part of the Solution,
Hundreds of children in Latin America and the Caribbean face situations of delinquency and gang life. It has been proven that the main reasons for this social phenomenon are extreme poverty, isolation, the breakdown of the family and lack of opportunities. People complain about the ineffectiveness of government programs to fight this serious problem, but the reality is that each and every one of us has the responsibility to contribute our own time and efforts to promote positive change. If more people could take the initiative to invest in the worthwhile education of these youths we could achieve better results.

Actualmente cientos de miles de niños y jóvenes de América Latina y el Caribe están sumidos en la delincuencia y las pandillas. Se ha comprobado que las causas principales de éste fenómeno social son la pobreza extrema, el aislamiento, la desintegración familiar y la falta de oportunidades. Muchos se quejan de la ineficacia de los programas gubernamentales para combatir este grave problema, pero la realidad es que todo ciudadano tiene la responsabilidad de contribuir con su aporte personal y ayudar a promover un cambio positivo. Mientras más personas tomen la decisión de invertir en una educación integral digna para estos niños y jóvenes, mejores serán los resultados.
Invierte en vidas y cambia su futuro!

1. Establish student programs that will offer better education to these children.

2. Enhance the overall educational skills of each student.

3. Prevent student dropout.

4. Offer balanced meals to the students.

5. Help the institutions grow.

6. Organize local, national and international campaigns to promote citizen responsibility so each can help eliminate the causes of extreme poverty.

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