As you know, one of the ways that the Feel Your Boobies message gets shared is via our supporters sporting our gear. Whether it's wearing a t-shirt or having a sticker on your car, people see and act on the message as our testimonials have shown.

Merchandise is also the primary way we fund our…Read More

Dear Supporter,

Since 2004, the Feel Your Boobies Foundation has been spreading one simple message “Feel Your Boobies.” It’s all we do - promote proactive breast health in young women. And our unconventional reminders have saved lives.

In April 2012, I will be an 8 year survivor because I felt a…Read More

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Raise $5,000 to keep the  Feel Your Boobies Bus Alive!

Are you and your friends doing a walk or run for Breast Cancer or other cause this Spring?  We have just the thing to make you gleam as a team!  Choose from these these styles and put your own message, logo or own motivational shout-out on the back.  You'll also be reminding lots of people to feel…Read More

Dear Cause Member,

We've expanded our apparel line big time!  Introducing 3 new logo designs (well one is old but we're bringing it back because it's the design that started this whole non-profit we're happy for nostalgia sake) and we're offering them on each of our shirt styles,…Read More

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