Feel Your Boobies® is a breast cancer non-profit organization whose mission is to utilize unexpected and unconventional methods to remind young women, to "feel their boobies".

Why Feel Your Boobies®? Because you do it everyday anyway, right? Oh come on…sure you do! You take a shower, you feel your boobies. You get dressed, you feel your boobies. Since you know your body better than anyone else does, why not just take a little extra time to really “feel your boobies”. Give those “girls” the attention they deserve. After all, getting in the habit of knowing what’s normal for you increases the chance of noticing changes in your breasts if they occur. If a change does occur it’s important to tell a doctor or clinician immediately so they can determine if more tests are necessary.

Think of Feel Your Boobies® as a friendly reminder – it could be on a t-shirt, on a billboard, on the Boobies Bus, on a coaster at the coffee shop or on balloons at your friend’s birthday party. When you see it, it makes you chuckle, but in one way or another it ends up getting people talking in a lighthearted way about this important topic. And if you’re talking and thinking about “feeling your boobies”, there’s a better chance that you’ll start to take matters into your own hands (literally). A friendly reminder when you least expect it…that’s what we are here for.

Visit: feelyourboobies.com to learn more.

1. Getting in the habit of knowing what is normal for you increases the chances of noticing a breast lump or other changes when they occur.

2. Since mammograms don't generally begin until age 40, younger women often don't think they are at risk for breast cancer.

3. Research shows that "feeling your boobies" is just as effective at identifying changes or lumps as doing a formal self breast exam.

4. Nearly 5% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer are under 40.

5. vistit: www.feelyourboobies.com We also have Feel Your Boobies merchandise, 100% goes back into the non-profit campaign, support the cause, buy today


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