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Empower young people with the knowledge, skills, resources, and opportunities they need to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS

Out of the 5 million people infected with HIV each year, half are under 25 years old. Poverty, gender inequality, lack of education, and lack of health services make young people vulnerable to infection, and burden them disproportionately with the misery AIDS leaves in its wake.

Young people are not waiting for their governments or international donors to end the problems they face. They are taking action- as peer educators, as advocates for treatment access, as care givers for people living with HIV, and in many other ways- to enact change in their own countries and communities. Young people are tired of being viewed as the "problem" when it comes to AIDS- We are challenging you to think of us as the "solution."

The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS is an international network of young people fighting HIV and AIDS in their communities, in 150 countries worldwide.

We are incubated by the Global Youth Action Network (GYAN), a non-profit organization, and our offices are in New York City and Accra, Ghana. (Donations for this cause come to use via GYAN)

Watch a 5 minute video about why we do what we do:

1. Young people have a right to accurate information, education, and services to protect themselves from HIV infection.

2. Young people are most effective at changing the risk behaviors that drive HIV infection

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