The Situation 
1 out of every 5 children in Uganda is orphaned. Orphans that don’t attend school have limited choices for their lives. They commonly end up on the streets, are engaged in child servitude and in some cases, prostitution. The Empower campaign was created in 2004 to address the needs of orphaned children in Uganda through community development and education.  

What We Do
The Empower Campaign, a program of EDUCATE Foundation, Inc., is run by student interns from Ohio University. This holistic, community and school based initiative is designed to help children, including those that are orphaned or vulnerable, receive an education in Uganda. We require that all communities and schools we partner with are working to protect their environment.We provide a safe and sound place to attend school by building and reconstructing debilitated schools.We provide educational materials for students and teachers at our partner schools.We provide access to health care and HIV testing and guidance counseling at our partner schools.  

The Student Leadership Program
Our Ohio University student interns participate in The Empower Campaign Student Leadership Program and learn nonprofit management skills. Each summer our interns have the opportunity to travel to Uganda, volunteer with our partner schools and coordinate our projects with our Ugandan staff on the ground.

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