Some places in this world are truly exceptional. Your support this holiday season will help us protect a place with biodiversity unrivaled by any
other place on Earth—Peru’s breathtaking Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve.  Twice
the size of Yellowstone—Manu  boasts a sweep of habitats from Andean highlands to lush Amazonian
forests that is home to ten percent of
Earth’s total bird species
, and a spectacular array of other wildlife, including 14 species of monkey.  Manu also one of the last places on earth where indigenous tribes still live in voluntary isolation.

Yet sadly, Manu and its surrounding forests are in danger. Though the
park is protected by Peruvian law, its sheer size means its staff cannot truly
patrol every mile of its border.
Illegal loggers sneak in, and fires (set by nearby farmers to clear new
farmland or to improve pasture) often burn into the park.That’s why ACA’s work in and around Manu is so
of your past support, we have been able to train, equip, and pay for additional park
guards. Outside of the park, our projects with local communities continue to protect
the surrounding forests—Manu’s critical buffer zone—from fire, logging, and
other causes of deforestation. Please help us ensure that the critical forests in and around Manu are protected in 2014 with your tax-deductible donation to ACA-- a 4-star rated non-profit according to CharityNavigator.
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