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Close Guantanamo Now!

I am particularly concerned about Shaker Aamer , detained almost 11 years, a British resident with a wife and children, one of whom he has never met. She is living with her children in London. He was on hunger strike for over six months and being forcibly fed and as far as I know this is continuing. He has been tortured according to his solicitor, Clive Stafford Smith. He is now being kept in solitary confinement. He has been detained over nearly 11 years. Amazingly he has been cleared for release twice - in 2008 and 2011 so my question is WHY is he still there. David Cameron is reported to have made representations to Barack Oboma ... but perhaps British government agencies fear a court case like that of Binyam Mohammad ... I am concerned because this country trumpets how it upholds Human Rights - yet in this case ...

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