• Update #15

Instead of letting voters decide, this governor just banned raising the minimum wage.  Click here to comment on any of Gov. Mary Fallin's posts and tell her to stop putting her wealthy donors before the needs of struggling, hard-working Oklahomans.   You…Read More

Congratulations, Maryland!

  • Update #14

It should be more and sooner, but it's a huge step forward from $7.25!  Maryland lawmakers just gave final approval to a bill that would raise the minimum wage in that state to $8.25 in July 2015; $8.75 in July 2016; $9.25 in July 2017 and $10.10 in July…Read More

Congratulations, Connecticut!

  • Update #13

Connecticut just did it!! They just became the first state to raise its minimum wage to $10.10.  Now when will the rest of us follow their lead?  Article link in the comments. Image by the campaign to Raise The Minimum Wage. Please join us by giving our…Read More

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