"Say Yes. Give America a raise." 

The minimum wage of $1.60 an hour in 1968 would be $10.56 today when adjusted for inflation [see the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index inflation calculator.] Source: National Employment Law Project


This page seeks to bring together Americans from left, right and center in support of an $11 an hour minimum wage. It's a no-brainer. Please join us, spread the word, and help us lobby Congress!

As the inequity of personal wealth grows ever wider, more of us are reliant on hourly wages. The current minimum of $7.25 an hour -- even if one is able to work a 40 hour week -- doesn't cover the rent on even a modest apartment in most communities.

The minimum wage of the past was a stronger standard, providing significantly more buying power than it does today. After its creation in 1938, the value of the minimum wage rose relatively steadily until its value reached a high point in 1968 (when its nominal value was $1.60 an hour, the equivalent of $10.69 today). Thereafter, it suffered a dramatic erosion as Congress failed to adequately correct for inflation over time.

How long does Congress intend to ignore the desperate need of their constituents?

Raising the minimum wage to at least $11 an hour won't solve everything, but it will bring it in line with inflation and will ease a small piece of the burden that weighs heavily on the shoulders of American families. It's the least Congress could do."

From Raise the Minimum Wage on Facebook.


Other current estimates have the Living Wage as $13.36 per hour. 
Living wage is defined by the wage that can meet the basic needs to maintain a safe, decent standard of living within the community and have the ability to save for future needs and goals.


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