Welcome to the 10 Reasons for a Cultural Boycott of Israel campaign!Please take the time to go over our action items (top of the page, righthand corner) and support our campaigns at http://bit.ly/1g3G6JBIf you're here for the first time, then here's why we focus on the cultural aspect of boycotting Israel (and support economic boycotts, divestment and sanctions):
  1. Israel declaratively uses international artists to produce a glitzy image for itself, when it is in fact a colonial military regime.
  2. Though their oppression much deeper, Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and refugees around the world, are prohibited from attending these concerts, in violation of their freedom of movement and right of return.
  3. Artist who perform in Israel in the name of "peace", "bridge building" and "unity", are in fact performing for the beneficiaries of apartheid, catering to their sense of entitlement, and justifying their preference for their "right to entertainment" over the human rights of the  Palestinian population, instead of building awareness.
  4. Israeli productions companies work with the government in promoting Israel's image and endorse laws that crush freedom of speech. 
  5. Israel has already passed the "Boycott Prohibition Law", illegalizing calls for boycott, and is in the process of illegalizing the publishing of information exposing military violence, under the "Defamation Law".
  6. A top group of 30 music executives, talent agents and entertainment lawyers, representing the likes of Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake, have come together in order to make sure these top artists perform in Israel. They are called "Creative Community  for Peace", and they openly work with Israel's government.
  7. Part of the Israel Tourism Ministry package with international artists is to be taken to colonized tourist attractions and be photographed there, in order to promote tourism in occupied territory, such as the "Wailing Wall" and Dead Sea, for example.
  8. The biggest performing artists will play in "Yarkon Park", built on what was once the Palestinian village of Jarisha, destroyed as part of the brutal ethnic cleansing campaign of 1948, erasing over 500 Palestinian villages, which drove over half the indigenous Palestinian population into exile.
  9. Due to all of the above, it's fair to say that accepting money for a concert in Israel, is accepting blood money.
  10. Culture is inseparable from politics. Artists who choose to book a performance in Israel, thrust themselves into these local realities, and must take responsibility for their decisions.
Please join the 10 Reasons for a Cultural Boycott of Israel campaign at http://bit.ly/1g3G6JB, by taking action and signing our petitions, so you can follow our campaign actions and support our calls to musicians to respect the Palestinian picket line, and send a clear message to Israel that they will not lend their voices to it's apartheid policies and military regime.


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