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You are cordially invited to The Hebron Fund Gala Dinner
Celebrating A New Generation of Jewish Heroism
The NY Marriott Marquis, Mon. Nov. 17 - reception 6 PM dinner 7 PM

Aishet Chayil Awardee: Myrna Zisman
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Just a reminder to those of you in Israel:

Maarat HaMachpelah (including 'Ulam Yitzchak/ Issac's Hall') will be open entirely for Jews on the following upcoming dates:

The second day of Rosh Hashana, Wednesday, Oct. 1

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Join us for a 'feel-good' night of Jewish solidarity and pride! The Hebron Fund annual dinner is always one of the most unique experiences of the year and is sure to leave you recharged and inspired. Come and meet the people whose daily lives safeguard the city of Hebron, and whose spirit embodies…Read More