help save any abandoned animals

I am so glad about how many people are aware of the amount of abandoned animals there are! So far I have over 1000 people in my group. That's amazing. Everybody invite as many people as you can! It means a lot to me that you all joined! <3

This summer there are many things planned for helping stop Animal Abandonment. All money made using my fundraisers are being put straight to the Animal Rescue League. There will be dog jogs, animal shows, meat bobbing, pets in the park, prizes and many other things. If you have any ideas about anything else we can do to raise money email me or send me a facebook message.
[email protected]
And I also want to give a special thanks to Anna Pannone for donating a wholesome $10 to or beloved cause! And Guy Stein for donating $100! ♥

We also have a website now too.

1. No animal deserves to be thrown out to the streets!!

2. Every animal deserves a good home!!

3. Animal abuse is not cool!!

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