Lesley Rudd
This is such a good Facebook cause. The Dispatches film is incredibly moving and really highlights the appalling and destructive impact that rape has on a child and he [his] family. Well done to Channel 4 for commissioning and running this film…Read More

Friends and supporters of this cause... the horror stories (read: REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES) just go on and on, and infants and children are being sexually abused the world over, but specifically and horrendously so, in South Africa. Please help and support those kids by speaking out for them in…Read More

Count your blessings this Christmas, but think about the needs of the children that can be helped by YOU inviting your friends to join the cause, STOP SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN IN SOUTH AFRICA. Please help us reach a critical mass of leaders whose voices will change forever, the Fear-Based thinking…Read More

ZIMBABWE: Children raped and abused. What can be done to intervene!!???, to save those children?? HELP needed.

Quote from the UK GUARDIAN newspaper:

"Tens of thousands of children have been sexually abused in…Read More

Help spread this important message:

The Infant Trust ( ) is a UK charity doing invaluable work with sexually abused infants and children in South Africa, and work closely with their families, communities, and the wider community to combat this horrendous…Read More

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