EVERY CHILD MATTERS. We want to highlight the plight of abused and raped children in South Africa - numerous child abuse and child rape cases are often deemed to be not newsworthy. STOP CHILD ABUSE.

"South Africa has an exceptionally high rate of sexual abuse perpetrated against children. It is estimated that 40% to 50% of all reported cases of rape are against children, and when considering the fact that rape is highly under-reported in South Africa, it is estimated that approximately 500,000 children are raped in South Africa each year (Rape Crisis, 2002).
Further understanding of societal views regarding abuse, motivations of perpetrators and the role family honour and gender roles play may be crucial keys to reducing the prevalence of sexual abuse against pre-school children in South Africa.
Although most abuse is sexual, high numbers of physical and emotional abuse is also reported. Childline SA has reported a 400% increase in abuse against young children over the past ten years. The rapid increase in abuse against young children has been blamed on various factors including poverty, overcrowding. the HIV pandemic, cultural affects, and socio-economic factors.
The majority of known perpetrators of sexual violence against pre-school children in South Africa are apparently ‘normal’ individuals with no known history of mental illness. They are also known to vary significantly in age, with perpetrators of as young as 10 years not uncommon, making the task of profiling near impossible.
It is believed that most pre-school victims are sexually abused by a familiar individual, often a family member. A large proportion of sexual abuse in pre-school children is believed to be known by family members, but goes unreported.
Protecting children from violence in South Africa is a matter of urgency. There is a lack of research focussing on societal views regarding what constitutes child abuse, and no research has focussed specifically on adult reactions towards suspected sexual abuse of pre-school children in South Africa." © I.Muller

1. Stop child abuse in South Africa immediately - every child matters.

2. Stop child rapists in South Africa - every child has the right to feel safe and to be safe.

3. Stop child murders in South Africa - every child has the right to live life to the full and to be cared for.

4. REPORT every single case of child abuse to ALL the agencies involved.

5. ACTION is needed - and the sponsoring of research projects which might help spur the government to urgent action!


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