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We've reached over 1700 supporters! Love to everyone who has taken a stand for young women's full expression around the world. Check out…Read More

Love the Skin You're In! | Press - Seminars

This multimedia, motivational event which has reached 50,000 partners internationally with National Youth Week New Zealand, The University of Rochester Medical Center School of Nursing, The Western New York Comprehensive Care Center, YWCA, and Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The National Eating Disorders Association invited Brie to become an expert…Read More

All girls dream of a day in white. All girls should accept that the dress size is not the important part of the day; the girl inside the…Read More

get girls to love the skin they're in! My sister is a refugee and lives in Camp Liberty near the Baghdad international airport and she is…Read More

get girls to love the skin they're in!

get girls to love the skin they're in!

We come in All Sizes and Shapes ! And WE are ALL BEAUTIFUL ! For me personally,I don't care what Size anyone is ,just as long as they have a GOOD HEART ! Our Looks Change over the years,but Our HEART is the one thing that has Compassion for others ! :)

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